The Disciplined Advisor Network is an independent life insurance brokerage and consulting firm offering the industry's leading fixed cash value insurance products customized for maximum efficiency using its own patent-pending leveraging designs. The results are powerful, yet flexible applications that can be used to enhance non-qualified income for retirement, as well as death benefit for wealth replacement, wealth enhancement or charitable giving.

Most importantly, our Self-Financed Insurance (SFI) strategies, are designed to minimize, or entirely eliminate, the role of any bank or third-party lender. This unusual focus significantly reduces durational risk factors typically associated with premium financing transactions, by removing the lender's assignment against the policy, its lien against non-policy assets required as additional collateral, and its ability to raise interest rates once the initial loan, if any, has been paid off.

Perhaps you're interested in learning more about Financed SFI, our early exit strategy premium financing program for high net worth individuals. Or maybe a non-bank financed scenario using our Private SFI or Asset Based SFI concept. The applications are endless. 

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