The purpose of SFI is to improve the performance of certain high premium life insurance transactions by adding leverage in a responsible way. Financed SFI uses a bank lender as the source of funds. Private SFI utilizes family or corporate funds. And Asset Based SFI taps into the insured's own under-performing cash assets before returning the funds in relatively short order. 

The three types of SFI strategies can be applied to a wide array of planning applications that ultimately enhance hundreds of vertical markets within the life insurance industry. For example, leverage from SFI can increase benefits or reduce costs in the areas of deferred comp, buy-sell, key man, golden parachute, multi-generational planning, charitable giving, wealth transfer, supplemental retirement planning and many others.

Take the SFI challenge. Model your solution without SFI. Then let us model it with SFI as part of the solution. To get started, take one of the steps on the Action List to the right.